What do we need and what we don’t ?

Posted on October 6, 2011

I am tired of the way world is moving towards. There has to be a change; a big change in people’s minds and I will spread a new current through this page.

“Lüzum” means “necessity” in Turkish. The first thing I needed to start this new current was the name of it; a name that would be enough to explain the whole idea. But also a mysterious name that is a combination of a western and an eastern language. Lüzum simply explains the norm of this current. “What do we need and what we don’t ?” is the center of my foresight. Anyone can link anything, any idea or any invention to something that already exists but everything and everyone is unique in this world and it is already being “different”. People have to stop looking for the “new” or “never done before”. We human beings need more or less the same things to live an intellectually and intuitively satisfying life. We just may have to re-organize the way that things appear in our lives. We need food, we but we don’t need to find a new bread. We won’t be eating a bread made out of a stone or a brick we will always eat bread made of some type of wheat, corn etc. We need water but do we really need coke? I will get back to this but now let’s look at the other part of the word; “ist”.

“ist” is a suffix that transforms the words to the person who does something. What I want for this new current to be is not to talk too much but do what is needed. So Luzumist is the person who does what we need.